Virginie Demians

Virginie Demians

Miembro desde 2 décadas •
"Professional French Voice Over"

I am a trained french actress, who has been working as a professional french Voice-over since 10 Years in a lot of specialities like corporate, commercials, documentaries, E-learning, audio guides...
My voice is natural,warm,sexy, elegant with a scope of age from 20 to 45.


Drama school Perimony, Paris


commercial: Mercedes, Ricola, Charmin, Geramont, Tempo aromathera,
Focus Dailies, Airwick, Fol Epi, M&M, Pampers, Febreze -
audiobook: "Un livre et des voix" France Culture, "Odette Toulemonde",
"Bonjour New York", "L’échappée belle", digital publishing -
film: "Passport to Paris", "Modern Family 2" -
documentary: "Nima", Mekong-Adventure River, "The Legendary Silk Road" - corporate film: Oetker Grands Hotels, Mercedes-Benz, BASF, Kyocera, -
phone announcement: High Speed, mobile Connect, 1&1, Yves Rocher, Condor - audioguide: the regional museum of Mainz, the Jewish museum of Berlin , the old national gallery and the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, the German Historical Museum - e-learning: Audi Akademie, Helsana, SAP AG