Vera Bonilha

Vera Bonilha

Miembro desde 3 años •
"A warm and charming brazilian Voice"

I 'm a professional actor since 1996 and voice-over artist since 2005. I have extensive experience recording for radio and television commercials. Currently I also record e-learning, dubbing, game, tutorials, apps, podcast and other voice jobs.


Bachelor’s degree in Cinema (FAAP) - SP.
As an actress, I graduated from Studio Fátima Toledo, CPT (Theater Research Center) and Celia Helena Theater School - SP.
Certificated in Voiceover - Senac - SP.
Certificated in Voiceover Workshop Advertising - Antonio Viviani and Nicola Lauleta - SP .
Volunteer at Fundação Dorina Nowill para Cegos as a audio books reader ( 2009-2017) - SP.
Conferences: Pixel Voice, VOA19 Virtual Conference.
Active member of DVP (Desenvolvimento da voz profissional - Regina Bittar).
I'm always recycling and ready to learn new things.


My voice can be listened on commercials of brands like; Itaú Bank, Nestlé, Clinic, Panasonic, LG, Nivea, Hering, Siemens, Trivago, Invisalign, Seara, Qualy, Natura...


SOVAS Award Winner 2021/ 2022
I record in my own Home Studio based in São Paulo, Brazil.
Native Brazilian Portuguese with neutral accent