Tyler Anthony

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"Your one stop shop for creatures, characters, and narration!"

I have a vast collection of voices under my belt that range far and wide, from mighty warlords to sinister necromancers, from ferocious beasts to timid servants, and from hardened generals to obnoxious neighbors.


I've had extensive training with my voice since I was a child in singing, which would later go on towards being used for stage theatre. Once I began to pursue voice over, I've received training from Chuck Huber in his Spring 2019 masters class, and I've taken both a Practice Course and Advanced Course with Rachael Messer in the summer of 2020.


Thus far, I've landed a few roles in some web series comic dubs and a few computer games that are currently in production.


I've been a singer ever since my childhood since 1999, which I still carry to this day.