Tony Collins Fogarty

Tony Collins Fogarty

Miembro desde 1 década
"Conversational British Male Voiceover. Northern neutral."

British English Male Voiceover and Actor. Neutral/Northern accent. A hint of Yorkshire.

Voice styles: Warm, friendly, conversational, engaging, ageless, authoritative, playful, genuine, smooth, knowledgeable, relaxed, distinctive and educated.

UK-based voiceover and actor, best known as the voice of the TripAdvisor owl in TV commercials in the UK, USA and Canada. (85,000 national airings in the USA).

I specialise in the corporate and commercial sectors.


14 years experience as voiceover (7+ years full time).
6 years actor training.

Past experience in broadcast. Extensive experience in recording, editing and production.

Ongoing training: Coaching with Nancy Wolfson (Braintracks Audio) Los Angeles.
I attend many voice based workshops and actor workshops.


2017-2019: Voice of TripAdvisor's owl mascot in TV campaigns in the UK, USA and Canada. Over 20 commercials aired more than 85,000 times nationally in the USA.

Corporate Clients include: The Linux Foundation, Total, Michelin, BNP Paribas, Renault, Tesco, La Redoute, Ing Bank, Axa Insurance and more.

I am also an experienced audio and video producer, and can produce finished content in many formats.
Lifelong career in media broadcast.


Live studio connections: Source Connect (Standard), Cleanfeed, Source Connect Now.
Connection via ISDN / ipDTL is possible using the day pass option.
If you use SessionLink Pro, I can connect to your invite.

Direction is also possible via Skype or Phone (Incoming to my UK or US numbers) or Google Hangouts.

I am based in Leeds, in the United Kingdom. I generally work remotely with clients. I can attend local studios. For large scale projects, I would consider travel to Europe.

French: I speak some French. I am by no means fluent, but I have worked on projects which are English language, with some French language references, names and terms.