Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson

Miembro desde 7 años •
"Unique, Deep, Smooth, Diverse....TimmyVO"

If you want to grab the attention of your listeners and wow your colleagues, then look no further!

I have the capability to deliver exactly what you, as a professional, need to get the job done. With a professional studio and a comparable English sound, I will dedicate all of my time to assure that your creation and my expertise, will have a tremendous appeal to your audience. No project is too much, nor too challenging for me to produce the best audio for your needs.


My goal is to produce above expectations, and to conduct my business in a completely professional manner. This has led me to push myself to constantly learn from mentors and coaches, although my capabilities reflect that of the BEST! My skills and passion for this field have driven me to reach out and work for many local business's, schools and corporate gatherings. I have built a dependable and state of the art studio to ENSURE, that you get the quality you require and expect from a voice over professional.

Voiceover is my life, and my livelihood. When you choose me as your voice, you can rest assured that you have hired a professional talent. Always on time, easy to communicate with and a consummate professional....this is Timmy VO!


Constant client requests, multiple public appearances as a voice over professional, over 20+years as a public speaker, educator and professional voice over talent.


Voice Over capabilities are outstanding! With each audition I get stronger in my delivery and my editing techniques. Experience can never replace the abilities and uniqueness of a Professionally trained individual with a strong work ethic.
Including, but not limited to:
Winston Salem Transit Authority
Winston Salem/Forsyth County Public Schools


I have a wonderful ear for tone and harmony. I'm a former Trumpet/Coronet player and musician.