Thomas Moir

Thomas Moir

Miembro desde 6 años
"Guy Next Door, Confident, but most of all, Versatile!"

Voice Overs are all about speaking...but first ,you have to LISTEN.

I listen to you, your vision, and gain an understanding of what you really want. It then makes it so much simpler to get your project to it's fullest potential!

My greatest voice attribute is my natural Australian accent, however that is only a small part of my repertoire. I am very versatile, work in accents, and have worked on projects across many different platforms, from Commercials, Explainer Videos, Business Tutorials, On Hold Messages, Character and more.

You can expect me to give you my best effort at every stage of the process, and a quality, polished audio track at the completion of your project.

Fast turn-around time, reliable, affordable.

I look forward to working with you and investing in your project!

At Your Service,
Thomas moir


NZ Voice Academy - Workshop
Perth Voice Masterclass - Workshop
Advanced Diploma Musical Theatre - 2.5 years full time training in acting/singing/speech development.
On-going self training and development


P&N Bank Australia - repeat client for TV and Radio Commercials

Edith Cowan University - repeat client for TV, Radio, Online Commercials and Advertising

Complete Homes - repeat client for character driven Radio Commercials.

The Digital Divide - Accenture Public Service

The Burger Chain - Business tutorial video

WPS Efficiency - Business model presentation.

Stanard Homes - TV Commercial

Muresk Agricultural College - Radio

Ross North Homes - TV and Radio


Will edit all files before sending them