Terrell Kennet

Miembro desde 2 años
"Friendly, real, positive, warm, knowledgeable, approachable"
Terrell Kennet

Flirty and fun to polished gravitas. Warm, knowledgeable spokesperson. Real & authentic mom, friend or neighbor. Emotion when you want it---matter-of-fact or snarky when you don't.


Circle in the Square Theater School, New York City, NY
Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Denver, CO
Coached by Tia Marlier (commercial & corporate narration), Carol Monda (audiobooks), David Rosenthal (commercial & medical narration), Marc Cashman (commercial), Larry Hudson (commercial), Steve Reisberg (commercial & corporate)
Various classes with Gravy for the Brain, GVAA and ACX


Tracfone Smartphone (Mad Studios), American Woodmark (Wray Ward Studio), Boston Medical Center (Downstream Media), Hudson Yards (Mousetrappe), Catholic Archdiocese of Phoenix (Productions 52), AFN-Place-Based (Hustle Creative), Express VPN Radio (Bart Radio), Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (W2O Group), Escher Riposte (ClearCut Videos)


Quick turnaround in my home studio.
Phone patch
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