Teresa-May Whittaker

Teresa-May Whittaker

Miembro desde 6 años
"A warm, rich, resonant, natural RP voice."

As a trained actress (over two decades), I have a natural aptitude for character voices (without losing the ability to sound conversational). I can adapt my vocal pitch, tone and quality (eg. husky, creaky, pure, breathy) to suit any style or requirement. I can also soften or sharpen my accent and convincingly portray a wide range of ages (teenager to mature).


I trained at The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (3yr accredited drama school specialising in recorded media).
I completed a 6 week voice-over course with Round Island
I am continuing my professional development with Gravy for the Brain


Voice-over adverts for Nivea & ARW Tint
Corporate voice-over clients include HSBC, Royal Mail, CHS Alliance (x2), KPMG, KPMG/Savils, Heathrow Airport, Deloitte (x2) and CurrencyFair
Voice-over for promotional films include Biblica 'who we are' and Alice in Wonderland
Voice-Over for video game 'The Devil's Stone' (Private Moon Studio)
Audio books - The Onyx Dragon, by Marc Secchia (this was a 17 hour audiobook with 100 characters). Gravity by A.B. Bloom, The Eradication of Vice by Salome Verdant, Dangerous Knowledge by Alexia Monroe and The Billionaire Rockstar, Late Night Temptation and Subconscious Desires by Olivia Pierce.


I can edit/master/sync audio to a very high standard (using Logic Pro X)
I can add sound effects/music to audio
I can add audio to film