Tash Steger

Tash Steger

Miembro desde 7 años
"Youthful, playful, smart and textured"

I've been working for many years now as a vocalist and have developed a strong understanding of my voice and the way in which it works. I naturally have a good ear, am in tune with my abilities and have full confidence to leap out of my comfort zone.


ABACUS ENTERTAINMENT - V/O with Bruce Kronenberg (New York City, United States)

STELLA ADLER - V/O with Bruce Kronenberg (New York City, United States)

EDGE STUDIO - Investigate V/O (New York City, United States)

THE AUSTRALIAN FILM AND TELEVISION ACADEMY - Full Time Screen Acting Program incl. V/O (Sydney, Australia)

CHARLES STURT UNIVERSITY - Bachelor of Communications Theatre/Media (Bathurst, Australia)

HUMBOLDT STATE UNIVERSITY - Voice and Theatre Studies (California, United States)

THE AUSTRALIAN GIRLS CHOIR - Voice Training and Performance (Sydney, Australia)


Performed alongside Hugh Jackman in, ‘The Boy From Oz’ and for him at his 40th Birthday, on Sunrise, at World Cup matches, for the Australian Olympic Team following their return from Athens and Beijing, as a soloist at the Sydney Opera House, as well as supported artists such as Olivia Newton-John, John Farnham, and The Wiggles. I also wrote, directed, and performed my own one-woman musical theater show in California and toured around Australia as a lead singing and acting role in a comic cabaret show.

I frequently sing shows at Don’t Tell Mama and the Duplex in New York City, and in Australia, have featured as a guest singer at venues such as the Shangri-La, Luna Park, and The Star Casino, as a jazz band lead singer, at car races including the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000, on radio programs, and at various festivals.