Suzanne Cate

Miembro desde 5 meses •
"Textured Contralto, Intimate, Sultry, Snarky, Sassy"
Suzanne Cate

With a broad vocal range and accent acuity Suzanne Cate can tailor her voice to varying projects and needs. A contralto with natural textural grit that can range from aspirational or Intimate to sassy or sweet. Real & personal.

"Conversational– Real Person, Cool, Hip, Attitude, Rough, Raspy, Texture, Folksy, Storyteller, Friendly, Approachable, Girl/Guy Next Door, Read with a Smile, Humorous, Sarcastic, Comedic Types, Intimate, Seductive, Breathy, Wry/Dry"


Background in English Literature. Classically trained NYC theatre actress. Vocal specific training with: Cecily Berry, Alithea Hages-Phillips, Scott Brick, Keri Tombozian amongst many others. Additional training with Tom Keegan, Reed Rudy (coach), SJ Hasman (coach, singing).


Professional SAG-AFTRA member. Regular ADR/Loop Group performer with Warner Brother's & SONY. ADR for film and TV. Scripted Podcasts.

Also a Professional Sound recordist and self engineer.


Full production capability. Home booth.