Susan Knight

Susan Knight

Miembro desde 3 años •
"Warm, fun, up beat, compassionate, sassy, inviting.. that's me!"

My read is very open and inviting with a natural warmth and smile, while this is my natural sound I can also spin it with some attitude and sass adjusting for the age represented. I can do a serious straight ahead "government" read with a more mature and grounded sound as well.


Almost 30 years working in radio across the country in a variety of formats helped me grow and develop my commercial read. The most useful trait is learning to work with clients to deliver the sound they want. My work started branching out 10 years ago with narration, on hold, video voice over and audio books which has been a joy to develop!


I have voiced for a variety of clients from car dealerships to churches; I can be heard when you are "on hold" with your local pharmacy, helping a real estate agent with a video walk through of a home, and perhaps even your favourite audio book.


I have the ability to work from my home studio and can provide quick turn around when required.