Soha Said

Miembro desde 3 años
"I am a confident, gifted VO artist, who knows how to use my gift"

Welcome to my profile.
My voice is perfect for commercials, telephone applications/IVR, and narrating children’s stories. Motivational speachs, Documentaries of all types.
I am also very good at singing performance. Dubbing for animation movies., and video motion explainer videos.

I am also very good at making guided meditation and relaxation, hypnosis recordings.

Languages I fluently use are:
- Arabic (MSA, and Egyptian Dialect)
- English (American Accent)


Voice over and public speaking courses.


Implemented projects for famous companies on other voice over websites, like voices, soundeals and voice123


Composing. Singing, writing short scripts, and songs words for kids. Very good at choosing background music thsy suits the video and the script.
Creating short explainer videos with images, vo, and background music with high quality.