Simon Lipson

Simon Lipson

Miembro desde 1 década
"Versatile, warm, reassuring, humorous, deep"

My natural voice is deep and warm, my natural accent RP. However, I can replicate almost any accent - various UK and American, Australian etc - and, as a professional impressionist, can usually match most voices. I can deliver voiceovers in a wide range of tones, styles and deliveries.


I started working as a professional voiceover artiste in 1994. Since then, I have racked up hundreds of credits encompassing TV and radio commercials, games, documentaries - narration and characters - internet virals, promos, TV idents etc. I am the current voice of Land Rover's global TV branding campaign.


Numerous TV and radio commercials for Land Rover (global and national; TV commercial for Trop50 (Tropicana) - UK; TV commercial for Marks & Spencer; other brands include Norwich Union, Twix (as Winston Churchill), California Raisins, snack manufacturers, various TV commercials for children's toys and games; language tapes; video games; various characters for TV cartoon and puppet shoes - Monkey Dust - BBC, Comedy Nation - BBC; hundreds of characters for various BBC Radio 4 & 5 shows.


I am a professional impressionist and can mimic (or learn to mimic) most male voices. Just ask! Morgan Freeman, Robert de Niro, Ronnie Corbett, Andy Murray, Billy Connolly, Harry Redknapp, Michael Caine, Sean Connery - and hundreds more.