Sibs Matiyela

Sibs Matiyela

Miembro desde 2 años
"Sunny South African"

I am a South African based broadcaster, voice over artist and podcaster. I have worked on various South African radio stations for over 10 years presenting, producing and voicing different styles of content from shows, news, current affairs to advertisements and radio dramas. I excel at commercials for radio and television as well as corporate voice over work that requires a warm and professional sounding voice. I take direction exceptionally well and humbly, there's very little I'm unable to do as a voice actress besides accents.


I am a trained journalist and broadcaster. I've spent over a decade sitting and standing in front of microphones recording news bulletins, traffic reports, podcasts, advertisements and interviews. My training began in 2006 at Rhodes University where I earned my Honours degree in International Studies and Politics. After completing my studies, I have gone on to become a professional broadcaster and voice over artist, which is the field I still work in.


I have worked for the South African Broadcasting Corporation as a broadcaster and podcaster since 2011 to date. I would say my biggest achievement working at the public broadcaster was being commissioned to produce and present 5fm's premier podcast. The podcast ran for 6 seasons with a special Lockdown edition in 2021. As a professional voice over actor I'm proud to have worked for many local and international clients both in English and isiXhosa, most recently having voiced TVCs and radio ads for Woolworths, Nando's, Colgate, Fanta, BBC Worldwide and Mondalez. I also recently achieved my personal goal of voicing an animated character and that's something I hope to do much more of in the future as well.


I am a strong singer as well as speaker so I'm able to sing jingles as well if they are pre-written/composed. I record from my home studio where I can implement minor edits on sound files I send to clients.