Shubhita Chaturvedi

Shubhita Chaturvedi

Miembro desde 3 años
"Warm, mellow, confident and friendly young adult voice"

I have a clear, sophisticated, warm and relatable voice . Intelligent, trustworthy and conversational - it's easy to listen to, and brings with it an international appeal for English speaking audiences all around the globe. My native language is Hindi. If you're looking for a voice talent that's young, energetic, authoritative, natural, upbeat, elegant and inspiring for your projects, look no further.. as I'm here to deliver your job with precision, quality and quick turnaround.

The setup includes a RODE NT1-A microphones, Scarlett solo 2i2 (3rd Gen) interface and Adobe Audition makes it all come together.


Bachelor of Arts, drama and Music Indore India


I did lots of live announcements for local TV shows in India and also did stage acting. I learnt acting, voice modulation, emotion presentation and Indian classical music for 8 years. I was chosen participant from Indore and audition for Indian Idol in Mumbai.

It all did take a backseat when I had kids, but now its time for me to gather my experience together and re-live my dreams and aspirations.


Apart from giving perfect full of emotions Voice to your script I can sing and act too.