Shelly Fear

Shelly Fear

Miembro desde 5 años
"Tech Savvy, Adorkable, Tells it like it is, Millennial Geek Girl"

I'm great at being...real.
I'm the no-nonsense, talking to your best friend, "no big deal type" of voice.
I'm great in commercials, narrations, explainer videos, E-learning, you name it!
Check out my demos - It's all there.
Conversational talking is my jam, and I make it believable on the mic. Heck - I can sell anything to anyone and they won't even know they've been sold!
What can I's a gift!


I've trained with many voice coaches over the years.
I have acting training, improv training and I have been a professional singer for over 10 years.


Recent Clients include Google, Apple, Quickbooks, Walmart, Subway and more!


I can sing, jingle, and do post audio editing.