Shaina Summerville

Shaina Summerville

Miembro desde 5 años •
"Bubbly, Clever, Millennial, Positive, Plucky"

Shaina Summerville is an audiobook narrator and voiceover artist located in Chicago, Illinois. I have recorded 30+ audiobooks and have worked with Disney and IRIS for commercial VO. I have a "bubbly, clever, Millennial" voice. I excel in audiobook narration in the genres of YA fiction, cozy mysteries, and nonfiction.


Commercial VO: Darren Stephens, Kathleen Puls Andrade

Elearning/Explainers: Tom Dheere

Audiobook Narration:
-Sean Pratt: Non-fiction narration program graduate.
-Andi Arndt: Fiction narration
-Jayme Mattler: Fiction narration (comprehension, authenticity, and emotional connection)
-Shannon Parks: Fiction narration, genre program
-Carol Monda: Fiction narration
-Pat Fraley: Audiobook Major




•Dance of Life by Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz and Roger Highfield | Hachette Audio
•Meditation Routine by Yanjuan Lou | Findaway Voices
•Love Him More! by Jennifer N. Smith | Findaway Voices
•How to Get Your Kids to Listen to You by Jennifer N. Smith | Findaway Voices
•Declutter Your Home by Mary Connor | ACX
•Declutter Your Mind by Mary Connor | ACX
•Minimalist Budget by Mary Connor | ACX
•The Labrador Retriever Handbook by Kimberly Lawrence | ACX
•The Labrador Retriever Training Handbook by Kimberly Lawrence | ACX
•Cognitive Behavior Therapy by Jessica Greiner | ACX
•Alaskan Malamute 101 by Catherine Thompson | ACX

•Across the Ice by Dana Fraedrich | Findaway Voices (now recording)
•Ava the Brave by Jules Adrienn | Findaway Voices
•Into the Fire by Dana Fraedrich | Findaway Voices
•Last Girl Standing by Marjory Kaptanoglu | Findaway Voices
•Don’t Tell My Secret by Mark Stewart | Findaway Voices
•Dragonfly by Resa Nelson| ACX
•Sound of Silence by Ali Winters | ACX
•Light in Darkness by Ali Winters | ACX
•Ever After by Odessa Gillespie Black | ACX

•Spell of Snow (‘Twas the Night Before Anthology) by S.J. Pierce | The Audio Flow
•Crashing the Net by Jami Davenport | ACX
•Skating on Thin Ice by Jami Davenport | ACX
•Promise Me by N.T. Smith | Findaway Voices

•She Cried for Me by Brenda Mohammed | Findaway Voices
•The Lost Princess in Winter’s Grip by Josh Kilen | Findaway Voices
•The Lost Princess and the Shifting Sands by Josh Kilen | Findaway Voices
•The Lost Princess and Destiny’s Call by Josh Kilen| Findaway Voices

•Emily of New Moon by L.M. Montgomery | Spoken Realms (Post Production)
•A Jury of Her Peers by Susan Glaspell | The Online Stage
•A Domestic Picture by Alexander Ostrovsky | The Online Stage


B.A. Musical Theatre
B.A. Communication Arts
Graduate Certificate in Aquaculture and Fish Health (courses in Veterinary Medicine department)
Theatre Actor (17 years of experience)
Standardized Patient/ Patient Instructor (proficiency with medical language)