Shady Ismail

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"I'll Recored an Extraordinary Arabic Voice-Over"
Shady Ismail

My name is Shady Ismail & I'm from Cairo-Egypt , I’m a voice actor, I’ll record your Arabic (Egyptian or classical ) Accent & Neutral English accent.

Dynamic and results-oriented, I am able to carry out multi-tasks & highly motivated. Listen to my voice over samples that showcase my best work.

Officially certificated as Voiceover from 90's FM studios ( in Cairo,Egypt.

I got my own small humble studio tools that's include (Rode Mic & MacBook) using GarageBand tool for recording, I'll deliver to you a high quality samples with a unique voice & technique.


Officially certificated as voice over from 90's FM studio in Cairo,Egypt

- Voice-Over Beginner Course @ Oct-2019
The course cover the all ways of voice over techniques as following :
1- Audiobooks / Podcasts.
2- Characters / Videogames.
3- Commercials / Advertising. 4
- Presentations / Educational (Documentary).
5- Product videos.
6- Radio/TV tags.
7- News Reporter.
8- Dubbing.

- Voice-Over Advanced Course @ Feb-2020

- Dubbing Basics Course @ Dec-2020


- Chengdu Hansi Transplus Co.,Ltd | For a Game voice over called Call Me Emperor (Classical Arabic Project).
- | For an animated video to bring awareness to how health care professionals all over the world (World Health Organisation 'World Patient Safety Day) (Neutral English Project).
- | For a COVID-19 awareness instructions (Classical Arabic Project).


Warm & Deep tune voice