Scott Lawler

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"A Distinctive Voice Over for Changing Times"
Scott Lawler

I started doing commercial radio with production, commercial and promo work at age 15. For many years after college I was a TV Sportscaster, both anchor and play by play. All of the years I also did VO and on camera promotions, commercials and PSA's. I get my acting chops from local theatre which also started back in high school. My voice is mature but not old, Trustworthy, friendly, and smooth. I have the ability to talk with you like the person next door or be that well educated voice of authority. Or I can be that gritty sportscaster type which comes very naturally.


I started by learning my early skills on the job. Now that I do VO full time I take annual refresher classes in LA to stay current and network. I have trained extensively with Kelly Moscinski owner of The Voicecaster, the oldest VO only casting house in LA. I also take private coaching with others in LA like Marc Cashman and Kathryn Horan. I participate in something called Workout Wednesday which is a small group of us working VO folks in the LA area getting together to read, critique and in general help one another. Currently we do this all online with 12 people weekly.


Nissan, ESPN, Chase


Always staying positive with clients working toward giving them the perfect VO for their project. Post production editing, excellent in home studio.

Knowing VO can be needed anytime I am available from my home studio 24/7 usually on 15 minutes notice or less.