Sasha Goguel

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"Friendly, Versatile and Natural"
Sasha Goguel

I am a dual UK and US citizen and have lived in both countries for extended periods of time so can switch from both accents very easily. Friendly, versatile voice. Can adopt many methods and tones of speaking according to a particular script.
I can also do many other accents, Characters and tones.


Doing ADR from a young age and honing my skills over the years with multiple jobs.


Extensive experience with ADR voice work on post production for major feature and foreign films and series.
Some of them including: The Vikings, The Borgias, In the Loop for Armando Iannucci, Inkheart for Iain Softley, A Touch of Cloth for Charlie Brooker, Pinocchio for Steve Barron, Portrait of a Lady for Jane Campion Frankenstein for Kenneth Branagh, Sense and Sensibility for Ang Lee, Scarlet Letter for Roland Joffe Goldeneye for Martin Campbell, In the Loop for Armando Iannucci, Defiance for Edward Zwick and Inkheart for Iain Softley.
Nuklee (Barcelona)
Roundhouse - Sonic Branding
Tour Guides
Spoken Ink Short Stories


post-production, SFX, music