Sarah Matelart

Sarah Matelart

Miembro desde 4 años
"Zestful, sophisticated, confident"

“ Refreshing, zestful voice with a touch of teenage cheek and a sophisticated, confident approach to voice acting”


My VO career was born from my experience as a radio and broadcast journalist. I then sharpened my VO tools with Gravy For The Brain.


Real mic lover, Sarah started recording her voice on a Fisher Price toy when she was 5. Her passion for broadcasting led her to complete a Masters degree in journalism, in Brussels, while working on national radio. Since 2006, she has pursued a successful career of all-round live presenter, newsreader, and reporter, in Europe and in the UK. In 2009, after a move to London, Sarah discovered VO acting and grew into it. She's now become a trusted voice in the industry, eventually casting and directing other talents.
Previous clients include and are not limited to : Amazon, CBRE, Opel, Stella Artois, Warner Bros, Disney, Apple, Twitter, BBC, Barclays, Aquafresh, Nana, BT, Samsung, MTV, Amnesty International, Coca Cola, Diageo, Barbie, Primark, Blackrock, Nickelodeon, Eukanuba, Lycamobile, Beaujolais Nouveau, World First, Roberts DAB, Barbican, Playboy, Excedrin, CBE,, Unilever, Eurostar, Photobox, Estée Lauder, Essity, Lipton, Sonos, Morgan Stanley, Land Rover …


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