Sarah Connor

Sarah Connor

Miembro desde 4 años
"Genuine, warm, compelling voice. Narration, promos, commercials."

Sarah's voice is both soothing and engaging. She's the cool mum who tells you about the newest items you really must buy, takes you on an eye-opening tour of that place or subject you've always wanted to know more about, and helps you relax with your tea to the sound of a lovely novel.


Sarah trained with Wendy Lands, one of Canada’s busiest VO artists as well as a celebrated singer/songwriter/recording artist.


Sarah has voiced videos for the Canadian Cancer Society, and done introdution to audio interviews for the WWF-UK. She is now expanding her reach to longer form narration, promos, commercials, and audio books.


With an MA in Comparitive Literature and 15+ years as a leader in communications and marketing roles, Sarah is an excellent writer in addition to speaking with an educated and wise tone.