Sandra-Mae Luykx

Miembro desde 3 años •
"North American vibrant, natural, charismatic and versatile."

Sandra-Mae has a long history of vocal performance and acting!
Her voice is naturally Canadian/American, but she also speaks Dutch, and can speak English with a Dutch, Chinese (Cantonese), Icelandic and French accent.
Sandra-Mae is a professional singer and saxophone player, and also plays piano, guitar and ukulele. She is also a composer.

Stylistically her voice can be described as bubbly, charismatic, empathic, energetic, friendly, fun, happy, innocent, luxurious / smooth, natural, reassuring, sexy, soft / gentle, sophisticated, versatile, warm and young.


Sandra-Mae trained with Nicole Oliver (My Little Pony) at On-The-Mic in Vancouver, BC.
She also has been training with Alan Marriott (Bob the Builder, Ninjago, Planet 51, My Little Pony and much more) for over 2 years.


Sandra-Mae has worked for Audible in their new audio movie "Aliens - Sea of Sorrows" (directed by Dirk Maggs) where she voices mercenary "Anderson"
She recently voiced 5 characters for a large video game that will be coming out next year (the name of which must be kept until it is released).
She has also worked for Oxford University Press and Say It! as an ELT reader for multiple voices.


Sandra-Mae has a Bachelors Degree in Music in Jazz Studies.
She is a professional singer, saxophone player, guitar, piano and ukulele player.
Sandra-Mae is also an accomplished composer and song writer, having many of her songs be sung by international artists.