Samantha Boffin

Samantha Boffin

Miembro desde 4 años •
"Elegant, velvety, smooth and warm - with a seductive edge"

Velvety, smooth and warm - with a seductive edge. Sam's elegant and conversational tone is perfect for all kinds of commercial work, fabulous storytelling and wooing customers into buying your products.

With over 15 years experience at the BBC, Sam is highly directable and deft at delivering to tight timings - relaxed and unflappable with live and recorded work. She specialises in promos, IVR and telephone prompts and narrative work.

A PromaxBDA and Eurovision Connect award-winner, Sam's TV and theatre background gives her an excellent sense of what is needed creatively and professionally, whatever your project.

Female, British, RP, Home Counties.


BA (Hons) degree - Theatre and Performance
RADA: Audio Drama
15+ years as BBC voice, writer and voice director

Member of:
Spotlight PIN: 3579-8972-5198
The Actors Guild


Sam works regularly for major TV companies including Sky, UKTV, the BBC, Discovery and Channel 4 and commercial companies like Bacardi, Premier Inn, Red Bee Creative, Whisper Films and the Samaritans.

She's an accurate and intuitive sight reader - and a specialist in commercial and promotions voice work, narration, short-form films and audiobooks. She is also an experienced telephony voice.

Sam is a trained actress - experienced in audio drama, theatre and improvisation with regular live poetry and book readings in London theatres and spaces.


An award-winning writer - scripting and copy for channel continuity links, promotions, ads etc. Sam has won over 12 PromaxBDA Gold awards, notably for BBC One Drama: The Scarlet Pimpernel, BBC News: Panorama and CBBC: Blue Peter as well as a Kinsale Shark for BBC World News and a Gold Eurovision Connect Award for the CBeebies "The Bear" campaign.

She is also a voice director with extensive experience directing voice talent for promotions, ads, narration and short-form films, and a specialist in directing children's and teenage voice talent.