Sakshi Sharma

Miembro desde 4 años •
"A fun, upbeat, engaging, professional & multi-lingual VO Artist"

Engaging , conversational and professional , my voice instantly grabs listener’s attention and helps in conveying your message more effectively.

Whether it is conversational and friendly for an ad,
professional and confident for an e-Learning,
fun and kid like for children’s learning content, or
characterful and completely dramatic for an audio drama!

You name it and I will work with you to deliver the exact tone for your script.

With the help of a professional studio at home, I am able to deliver work promptly and can do self-directed or remotely-directed sessions too, whatever you prefer.

Fluent in English , Hindi , Punjabi and Urdu languages, my complete voiceover services make sure that your message is localized and easily relatable to your target audience.

As a full-time professional voice artist, I bring in tremendous enthusiasm and energy along with the professionalism to get any job completed with perfection and with a thoroughly memorable

Looking forward to working together and making magic happen!


I have worked on improving my voice by participating in acting workshops and play-reads (in India and Singapore).

Have received voice and accent coaching from Nicola Redmand.
An active member of Gravy For The Brain, which is continuously helping me to stay on top of my game.

Have also received mentorship from Gary Terzza (from VOMasterClass).


- Google - Spotify India - UpGrad India
- XRhodes films UK - NHS UK - Birmingham City Council
- Audio Production Hour UK - Pro Audio Voices US - Omantel
- Glassman Media US - Lotas Productions - BC Cancer
- New York Department of Health - Zomato - MTR
- Canadian Medical Centre - Asylum Aid - Grey Hill Academy

Project categories (in English, Hindi, Punjabi as well as Urdu):
- Narrations - Commercials (TV and Radio)
- Audiobooks - eLearnings
- Explainers - Animations
- IVRs - Dubbing projects
- Audio dramas - Podcasts


I can also provide translation services from English-Hindi and vice-versa, for my clients, if required.