Robbie Cowan

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"An authentic, relatable guy who will elevate your copy with care"
Robbie Cowan

The voice over your audience hears isn't just information being read, it is an audio representation of your brand. When you're hiring voice talent, why not work with someone who cares? I'll spend time learning your brand identity, so that the read you get from me really represents the feel of your company. I strive to be engaging, personable, energetic, and real, so that your audience feels like they're interacting with your brand, not just hearing noise.


My training in voice includes a Masters in Music in vocal performance and pedagogy, so I understand the technical aspects of breath and phonation that allow me excellent control and variety of color. In voice over, I've studied with Roger Becker, Kristin Thorne, and at the renowned Edge Studios in NYC. I also have an extensive background in professional theater as a coach and director.


I've recorded commercial spots for a luxury car brand, a fast-casual restaurant chain, two theme park brands, a major regional music festival, public radio, several regional theaters, and more. Also a vocal coach, I have an excellent understanding of what a finished product should sound like, and how to get to that product quickly and efficiently.


I'm also an accomplished musician, and can provide full music production services, including custom background track creation, jingle writing and recording, singing, session keyboards, and more. Please inquire about custom music options.