Rich Summers

Rich Summers

Miembro desde 3 años •
"Warm & Friendly to Edgy and Cool"

Warm and Friendly to Edgy and Cool. Conversational, Smooth and Professional to Gritty, Gravelly, Aged and Seasoned.
Load the brush with some warmth, add in a dab of friendly, grab a touch of cool and edgy to round out the composition, and you've got a great piece of art right before you.

Rich Summers’ voice is like the colors on an artist's palette. It grabs your attention and paints a memorable vision in the listeners’ minds. Listen to Rich's demo and you'll hear why major brands are excited to work with him.

VOICE STYLE/TYPE: Rich’s signature sound has been described as friendly, conversational, believable, confident, smooth, guy next door, authoritative, animated, sincere, corporate, professional, relatable, sophisticated, informative, and educational. It all comes with some edge and grit. His voice and style has been strongly likened to Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Costner, Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, Jeff Bridges, Ed Harris and Kurt Russell.


30+ years of radio broadcasting, announcing, production and VO skills.
Vocal coaching with David Alden, Marc Cashman, Chuck Duran, Mary Lynn Wissner, David Goldberg and J. Michael Collins.


I have voiced and/or produced spots for:

Beynon Sports
Bretz RV
Buffalo Club
Castlebury Financial
Dermatology Clinic Of Idaho
Domini Games
Doom Classics Audio Books
Dove Men's Care
eHealth Medicare
E Motors West
Fitzsimmons Media
Fresca Foods
Glowball Films
H&M Meats
High Performance Advertising
Intermountain Gas
Idaho Steelheads
Jansseune Construct
KVell Fitness
Magpul Industries
Musik Auction
Premiere Radio Network
PS Seasonings
Radio Forecast Network
Shift Media House
Silverhawk Realty
Silverline Films
Skullrush Racing Videos
Sparklight Advertising and Production
The Great American Foodathon
Tractor Supply Company
Ultra Touch
Vet Tix
Vet Flicks
Villager Creative


Voice over recordings for commercials (radio & TV), documentaries, corporate narrations, elearning, audio books, telephony, etc.

Can also provide complete production services with music and sound effects.