Ric Shaffran

Miembro desde 1 década •
"believable, funny, quirky, flat, interested, friendly, eccentric"
Ric Shaffran

From being the "guy next door" to the most eccentric character, Ric loves what he does and his performances show that energy and commitment. Listen to Ric and you'll hear what makes him a great partner for all sorts of products and services. He can be believable, funny, quirky, flat, interested, friendly, eccentric, neurotic . . . whatever is needed to make your project a success.

Ric is a thorough professional, easy to work with and passionate about his work. He is the husband, dad, average guy, professional, executive and all-around-guy people relate to. And he's the believable, funny, quirky, flat, interested, eccentric or neurotic guy you can't stop listening to.


Ric has studied privately with Carroll Kimble (one of the most experienced and respected voiceover casting directors and coaches in Los Angeles) and with Lori Tritel (a renowned voiceover talent for more than 30 years). In addition, Ric has studied in advanced professional classes with Cathy Kalmenson of Kalmenson and Kalmenson, one of the largest and most well-known voiceover casting companies in the United States.


Cyrus Ruiz, Avant Artists (cyrus@avantartistsc.om)
Chris Roth, Avant Artists (chris@avantartists.com)


Ric's accents include French, Southern United States and American (neutral). His home studio is fully equipped to deliver completed voiceover projecsts.