Rafał Baryła

Miembro desde 3 años
"Young, experienced, unique and professional polish voice talent."

I am totally versatile - I can easily fit into your requirements just to do my best and answer you expectations on a highest possible level - all of that because I know my job and I know what my clients usually deserve.


I've been working as a radio producer / presenter for a couple of years throughout my studies at Cracow University of Science and Technology. I was a host of aa multiple radio morning shows, and programms which had a goal in promoting young local bands - so I was also an interviewer for a few years.


I used to work with brands suchh as:
- Tessline
- dotstory.pl
- Microsoft Online Course advertisement
- skinyCS.pl
- Bittrex
- StockSons


I have over 10 years of experience in audio-producing for broadcast purposes. I've been composing music for radik-shows, commercials and stuff that appears on youtube or any other services.
Currently I am working as a sound engineer at Polish Radio Cracow. Back then I have been working at exact position