Priit Karm

Miembro desde 1 década •
"The Word with Plentiful Timbre."

Bright, warm, melodic, deeply resonant, expressive, clear and welcoming voices, with a full character range in neutral, European, Northern, Slightly British or Estonian accents.

He is a voice actor featured by The Vocables. And did his first voice acting job at the age of 17 -- playing another boy -- in a feature film. Since then he has worked with agencies, studios and TV and radio stations in the UK, US and Europe.


Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre


Has worked with The Hub Plus, Angell Sound, Actors World Production, Cool World Films, Foreign Voices, Foreign Versions, Glenwood Sound, Edge Studio, Carasmatic Productions, Blokmedia, The Voiceover Gallery, Matinée Sound & Vision, Vibe Studios, Ost-West, Violetmedia, Massive Productions, VoiceArchive, GM Voices, TransPerfect, World Translation Center, Holdcom, Simenco, Studio S Filmproduktion, Subbabel, Voz-Media, Mixwerk, Publica Agency etc.


Has worked for brands, Air Europa, Aena, Braun, Bondic, Chevrolet, Flybe, Glassdrive, John Deere, Lufthansa, Microsoft, Nynas, Pokerstars, Sky Team, Synteko, Vube etc.