Pete Bunch

Miembro desde 2 años •
"Keep Promises, Work Hard, Stay Humble"
Pete Bunch

Unique, I won't ever attempt to be anyone other than me. If a prospective client asks me to do a Sam Elliott or Morgan Freeman soundalike, I tell them to go hire Sam or Morgan. I don't have to blow my own horn with a long description of who I am, or what I do. My websites have plenty of demos that speak for themselves.


Like so many of my VO friends, I started at radio in 1977 right out of high school. Of course I sucked...just like all of us did. I moved east to west, north to south learning my craft in front of a lot of smelly germ-infested mics and dark production dens...grease pencils and splice blocks added to the fun. In 1996, I incorporated my company, Spoken Word Images. SWI's primary focus was to service Christian radio and television....and still is. In a couple of years I opened a secular side, Pete Bunch Voice Overs. By 2013 I was sick of broadcasting. I resigned from a good paying gig to work for myself. Everyday I learn. I listen. I hone my craft.
Have Microphone, Will Speak For Food !


My biggest achievements you ask? Being a good father, and being sober for 29 years... both by God's grace.
I've been blessed with years of working with phenomenal producers in both radio, television and other media.
Bragging ain't my thing. Super-serving my clients IS. Just ask, and I'll happily hook you up with some of the completed projects.


I'm pretty good on a pogo stick chewing bubble gum, and I sound left-handed.