Paul Strikwerda

Paul Strikwerda

Miembro desde 1 década •
"The ultimate European voice"

Why should you hire me?

1. European Sound
Looking for an international voice? My neutral English accent appeals to a global audience. Even though I am native Dutch speaker, my most in-demand accent is neutral or European English.

2. I Listen
Voice-overs get paid to talk, but I like to listen before I start recording. I won’t start to read until I know what you need. You can use Skype to direct me!

3. Crystal-Clear Audio
My top-of-the line equipment and soundproof studio gives you ready-to-use audio, 100% free from hiss, rumble and the neighbor’s dog.

4. Expertise
With 30+ years of experience, I need no hand-holding. Whether it’s a commercial, a spoken book, a documentary or an audio tour, clients like Siemens, Novartis and Harley-Davidson trust me to deliver their message.

5. Peace Of Mind
I care about my clients. Happy customers are my best credentials, and I will go out of my way to make you one of them!


Dutch Media Academy, Hilversum, The Netherlands
Dutch National Radio and Television
Radio Netherlands International


"We got an incredible amount of applicants - seriously some wonderful voices - but the screenwriter and I were simply captivated by your audition. We can't stop listening to it, which means it's a great fit."
Ryan Thompson, Producer/Director/Cinematographer

"Paul nailed the reading. He found the right balance of enthusiasm and subtlety - no second takes were needed."
Filmmaker Mustafa Sakarya

"His delivery is almost always spot on. Paul is one of the few people in this business that actually make my job EASIER."
Dave MacNeill, Producer/Project Manager, Audiobrite

"All you other Europeans, you're just pale imitations of Paul Strikwerda, who's agile enough to do English with a Dutch accent, but also to do English with an English accent, during which he sounds a little like... John Cleese."
Briane Pagel, The Best of Everything Blog


From my professional studio located in serene Vermont, I serve clients on all continents.

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