Nigel Williams

Nigel Williams

Miembro desde 1 década
"Universal Modern Britsh English Warm Engaging Familiar"

Nigel Williams is an extremely experienced voice over talent. His voice has been used by advertisers and broadcasting organisations around the world for a broad range of brands. From Disney McDonalds and the BBC to small individual companies using a professional for the first time, Nigel Williams has provided a reliable and prompt service that insures that once chosen Nigel Williams is a voice you will continue to use time and time again.


Nigel Williams was professionally trained at the National Broadcasting School in London. He has been coached by the leading TV Radio and Commercial Directors in the industry today. He has recieved coaching in the UK USA and Germany.


Steve Allen- Former ITV Head of Promotions
“With Nigel you get classic professionalism with a youthful outlook. He has a range of styles but warmth shines through them all“
Chris Lowrie – Head Of Station Sound LBC 97.3 LONDON
“Nigel was the voice of LBC 97.3 for over four years. He provided an exceptional service to me and was always available, and delivered his service promptly and professionally, and always went out of his way to be available as I needed him.”
Ryan Gibbs – TelephoneticsVIP Voice Interactive Systems
“Nigel Williams has been a professional voice artist for our company for many years now. His professionalism, and willingness to go the extra mile to assist with our deadlines has helped us create an exepctional reputation in providing service for our customers.”
Dan Akers – Creative Producer & Writer Global Radio
“An excellent voiceover artiste, Nigel takes direction very well and always delivers a great read. Friendly and approachable, and the consummate professional; I'm more than happy to recommend him.”

Paul McCarroll M&C Saatchi
Nigel was our preferred voice for PC World and was always the consummate professional. He was always capable of cramming an infinite number of ‘Pentium Processor’ tongue twisters into a 30 second slot while still creating lovely light and shade. Whatever the script, he has both excellent control and sensitivity and is always a pleasure to work with.


Radio Imaging (Station Voice) Nigel Williams provides image voice services for many radio stations. This special area of voice over artistry requires a certain flexiblity of delivery and understanding of the client's brand values.