Nigel Fyfe

Nigel Fyfe

Miembro desde 6 años •
"Male, British, 40-50. Standard English and soft Geordie"

Smooth, with rich lower notes. Authoritative, but with a natural smile in the voice.

As a trained actor, with professional stage and screen experience, my voice is my most important tool.

Voice tutors during acting training included Vernon Thompson (Voice Consultant for Channel 4 News) and Stevie Rickard (National Theatre). I have had additional one-to-one training with David Gooderson (formerly of the BBC Radio Drama Company) and Barbara Houseman (formerly of the Royal Shakespeare Company).

My knowledge of voiceover has been further strengthened through training with Voiceover Kickstarter (Guy Michaels) and Gravy for the Brain (Hugh Edwards and Peter Dickson).


Richard Shannon - Radio Drama: Performing for the Microphone (Actor's Centre, London)
Cherry Cookson - Acting for Radio (Wireless Theatre)
David Gooderson - Acting for Radio (City Lit, London)
Guy Michaels - Voiceover Kickstart


2021 Tagline TECH TONIC SEASON 2 (FINANCIAL TIMES) Creative Fix Audio
2019 Narrator MY PERSONAL THERAPEUTICS Rhys Votano
2016 Narrator READ FOUNDATION Brand786

2021 HOW TO TAKE SMART NOTES by Sönke Ahrens, Liam Wilkinson

2020 Melvin EVER EXPANDING WAISTLINES, Ragged Foils, Kirsty Gillmore
2020 Jack THE LONG PLAYER, Ragged Foils, Kirsty Gillmore
2014 Charles APOCALYPSE SLOUGH Wireless Theatre, David Runacre-Beck


All recordings are supplied edited.