Nicole Britton

Nicole Britton

Miembro desde 6 años •
"Youthful smart and classy plus loads of characters!"

Have your next project voiced by an experienced talent. Customer service and a top quality projects are my number one priority. I will deliver the voice, quality and sound you desire.

I can deliver an articulate and engaging voice for E-learning and narrations, the warm, natural and upbeat sound for commercials, and the professional and authoritative voice for phone systems and on-hold messages.

My voice has been described as girl next door, professional, pleasant, youthful, and motherly—a broad range of tone and mood, depending on your needs. Need vocal fry? Need a kid/tween/teen? Millenial speak? Soccer mom? You got it. Plus, a wide range of characters!!!

I'm a voice actor talent based in Atlanta, GA, USA with a wide range of theatrical experiences from New York City to Los Angeles.  

Recognized in advertising and VO communities for versatility, innovation and adaptability as a commercial and character actor.

Frequently heard on radio, television and in theme parks with anything from a neutral, friendly timbre to a sultry champagne drinking sophisticate to a singing chicken,  I have a passion for dialects/accents and I love the thrill of satisfying clients.


My education as a voice talent never stops. I make it my purpose to hone and improve my skills at every opportunity, so that I can offer my clients the highest possible value for their money.

Partial list of training/education:
University of Colorado- Boulder BFA program
Playwright's Horizons Theatre School
Stanislavsky System, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method, Suzuki Method training with SITI company
September Day Carter, Bob Carter, Lauren Hutchison, Voice Over City
Randy Thomas


I have been a voice professional for over ten years. You have heard me on the radio, YouTube explainers, on your child's animatronic bears, in theme parks and even on a handful of audiobooks. I have also worked on camera and in live theatre from Hollywood to Off-Braodway and a few regional theaters in between.

Clients include:
Dollar General
Tropical Smoothie Cafe
Willy's Mexicana Grill
Disney Imagineering/Disney Theme Parks
Teddy Ruxpin /Backpack Toys


A singer and composer, I specialize in melodies and lyrics for country, bluegrass and pop. I easily hear and sing harmonies. I am a classically trained pianist, play ukulele, and a enough guitar and mandolin to get by. I am well versed in music theory and choral singing.