Nicolas Acosta

Miembro desde 3 años •
"Bilingual . Powerful voice, deep and warm yet clear and fresh."

I count myself among the fortunate few who can actually make a good living doing what they love, I take great pride in my work and enjoy it profoundly.
I have been working as a professional voice-over for the last 12 years in English and Spanish helping people and companies achieve strong and efficient connections with their clients and allies. I focus on always delivering high quality work on time. I am lucky enough to have been raised entirely bilingual, I learned Spanish (Latam Neutral) and English (US accent) simultaneously growing up at home. I also attended a British School from primary to high school, which allowed me to develop a native contemporary London Neutral accent.


Because Voiceover is first and foremost an acting discipline, I would have to say my training started in middle school acting in every single play I could. This continued in University where I joined the art program and focused on performance acting and voice work. After graduation I started working as a creative writing scripts for advertising agencies and recording the voices myself every chance I had. After a couple of years in 2008 I finally got my first big contract as the voice for TOTTO the largest backpack brand in latin america at the time, this allowed me to become a full time voiceover artist. After 12 years of working professionally, I do my best to keep learning and stay up to date with the latest techniques and trends, I attending conferences and workshops, quite often and get plenty of practice every day inside the booth.


Over the years I have developed strong working relationships with many studios and advertising agencies, chief among them Ogilvy, Rep Grey , DDB, and Wunderman Thomson. I have recorded all kinds of work from corporate reports and e-learning to national and regional advertising campaigns. I have recorded voiced work for companies such as Adidas, Reebok, Netflix, Samsung, Red Bull, The Glenlivet,Mitsubishi, Chevrolete, Cocacola, Pepsi.Co and many others. One of the most significant contracts I've had recently was being the voice for Kia Motors in Colombia for 3 years.


- Available to record live. Connecting with the client and director via IPdtl or Zoom.
- I translate scripts from Spanish to English and English to Spanish.
Translating a script is a delicate endeavor, it’s not only about the words and technical terms, it’s about transmitting the spirit of the message and making it sound as compelling and natural as it did in its original form. This requires the kind of deep understanding of language structure, common usage, and colloquialism that only a native speaker has.

- I have a warm and deep singing voice.

- I have a recording studio and work with great sound engineers and music composers.
Should a client require more than just voiceover work my team and I would be happy to provide assistance, in the creation of original music, sound mixing, and mastering.