Nicola Barranger

Nicola Barranger

Miembro desde 3 años •
"Intelligent, informed, mature but warm and smiling."

I have extensive experience in e-learning, charity and medical voice over work, making difficult concepts easy to understand. With a continental heritage, I can pronounce European names with confidence and elegance. I have a an experienced, mature voice with RP pronunciation which is also reassuring and comforting "in safe hands" . I aim to bevery easy to work with and can deliver scripts within 24 hours. My goal is to enrich a very happy customer base.


20+ years as a broadcast professional both in front and behind the microphone with BBC World Service Radio (As Nicky Barranger) benefiting from the best training the BBC has to offer. For VO work I am also training with a local coach and a GFTB member


Extremely satisfied clients include Salesforce, British Marine Technologies, Natural History Museum (London), RNIB (Royal National Institute for Blind and partially sighted people), e-Learning for You, Animal Equality, Street Child Africa, SilaFM (Russia), Tyndale Publishers (Chicago), Wagon Films, Remington, Lebanon National Museum, University of Bath, University of Cambridge, Loud Communications (USA), Wagon Media


I specialise in e-learning, medical narration and documentaries.
As a trained radio producer, I can edit audio material quicky and easily. I am also a trained studio operator and have a hone studio with Sadie v.6 editing software. I can edit and mix music with speech. For simple videos I can also edit speech to images.
Interested in languages, I speak fluent French (I am half French, half Hungarian) and can read German, Spanish, Italian and some Hungarian successfully and with an excellent accent.