Nicholas Santasier

Nicholas Santasier

Miembro desde 2 años •
"Bringing Creativity to Suit Your Needs"

I do a lot of voices and accents. This comes in handy for audiobooks, animation, video games, etc. Being a native NY-er, I naturally speak fast and can make your copy work for the time you are looking for. My background is in theatre, so I do not shy away from difficult text. After all, I've done Shakespeare, Beckett, and Ancient Greek. Medical or legal jargon do not scare me. I also have a good ear and can parrot back different languages in character voices.


Niagara University
VO Dojo
Paul Liberti


50+ audiobooks on
Several industrials
OS voices for theatre productions
Just wrapped a 50+ episode podcast series coming soon to Audible.


I sing, mainly baritone, but can do Bass or Tenor depending on need and range. I also do various impressions.