Nicholas Jones

Nicholas Jones

Miembro desde 3 años •
"Genuine British baritone accent, genuine, everyman, comforting"

English voice specialist now living in Canada. Will provide quality and genuine English accent. I have a lower than average tone and class within the bass-baritone level although I do have a wide range in general. I have experience in everything from recording voice memos for answer machines through to doing voices for animation and audiobooks. Expert at various British dialects and accents in particular.

 Formación VIP Classes from Jessi Keenan
10 years of theatre training and stage acting
Coaching and demo basic recording from DACAPO Winnipeg
High School ‘Talking Newspaper’ for blind local community
VIP coaching from (Website hidden)
Amateur sports report for Manitobaville podcast network
1to1 coaching from voice artist and podcast expert Matt Cundill
London School of Trends (elearning) - Voiceover course


A voice dub for a Spanish company for an Italian psoriasis foam. I had to sync and rewrite some words so that they fit somewhat with the lip movement of the physical actor.


Accents and crazy voices are my specialty however I can also hold a tune pretty well if needed.