Nathan Lang

Nathan Lang

Miembro desde 1 década •
"Young, Hip, Warm, Versatile, Conversational, Storyteller"

The Young, Hip Storyteller! His sound is fresh, cool, energetic, fun, young and hip, warm and genuine, guy next door, and can also do the straight-forward announcing. And with a sound that ranges from energetic - to warm, hip and conversational - to the sound of an intimate storyteller, Nathan is a versatile voiceover performer, who brings a uniquely individual style of storytelling to campaigns for TV, Radio, Internet - and almost every media in between. Nathan's style is 20's-30's, and ranges from the young, hip, versatile storyteller - to the humorous - or the straight-forward announcer. He's voiced work for MTV, BET, NIKE, PBS, and McDonalds to name a few. He can be booked via ISDN, Source-Connect, and Phone-Patch. A professional male voice over talent with an ISDN studio, Nathan's hip and cool voice has been heard on BET, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Sprout, and other television and radio stations, and web sites nationally and around the world.

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12 years voicing various audio projects




Area specialties include:

Technology narration
Commercial narration
Promo narration
Computer narration
Software narration
Printing narration
Web narration
Education Training narration