Mohamed Sameh

Mohamed Sameh

Miembro desde 6 años •
"Your Neutral English Voice of Choice"

Since the start of my voiceover career, I have done hundreds of corporate and medical narrations. Given that my English is considered to be neutral for many of the countries especially those in Europe and the Middle East, I was able to secure many jobs in these two genres in specific and also gain a wide exposure in the other genres.

Fresh Energetic Friendly Confident are four words that concisely describe my unique voice and character that I bring to my work based on the repetitive feedback that I receive from my clients.


One on One coaching sessions with David Rosenthal and Anne Ganguzza.
Accent coaching with Lindsey Lawson the owner of
Attended El Hakawaty workshop with " The Arabic Voice" company.


I am an experienced bilingual voiceover artist who can perform in Neutral English and Modern Standard Arabic with the same proficiency.

I was able to gain a well rounded exposure in the industry voicing medical narrations, e-learning programs, commercials, internal videos, video games, IVR, etc. for more than 100 top notch brands like: KFC, Uber, Mars Wrigley, Samsung, Danone, P&G, Unilever, Henkel, Pfizer, Porcelanosa, GSK, Allianz, P&G and many more.


I will provide you with a mastered track with your required specifications.