Mike Gordon

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"I am a Story Teller. May I tell Yours?"
Mike Gordon

People like to listen to what I have to say.
I can untangle the technical and make understandable the intricate.
I can speak to the Boss or to the New Hire. I've been both.


10 years in the Radio business
35 years of stage acting
Marc Cashman Commercials - current private student
Voice One - Audition Club


A series 365 Daily Devotionals for the workers and staff in the worldwide ministry of " Mending the Soul Ministries"
3 explainer videos for the City of Silverton, Oregon " The Good Stuff " - avail on UTube
2 Audiobook Novels ( "Lightening Fields" and "The Boneman" - avail on Google Play, Barnes and Noble and Others )
1 Corporate explainer video for Samsung /Prismview - " Virtual Pixel Sharing" ( avail on UTube and my website )
1 Corporate Imaging video for SouthPaw Sports - "Our Story" ( avail at Southpawlive.com and on my website )
1 A Caregivers Handbook ( The Vulnerable Child) for Mending the Soul Ministries ( avail at their website )
1 Travel Guide - Turkey for Travelers ( available on ACX and Audible.com )


Easy to work with.