Mikaela Pålsson

Mikaela Pålsson

Miembro desde 5 años •
"Warm, reliable and natural sound."

My natural northern Swedish dialect (Jämtländska) is what got me into the VO business in the first place, and I'm still often booked for it. I can easily adjust my dialect to however the client wants it, and of course I also speak regular Swedish (rikssvenska). I'm skilled in speaking fast, which is convenient for when quite a lot of text has to fit in a limited time. I've got 13 years of experience. I'm professional, effective, flexible and easy to work with.


Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts - Performing with Voice and Speech (dubbing, post-sync, radio drama, audio book.)
"Learning by doing", trained on the job. My previous experience and training within acting and singing have always been the foundation.


I've been doing VO work since 2009. Since 2018 I am the official promo voice of Nickelodeon Sweden. I've also done character voices for video games, podcasts and some ADR.


I'm a trained singer, alto/mezzo.