Micaela Ferreira

Miembro desde 5 años
"Amiga, versátil,presente,sentida; assim é a minha voz."

Deep and neutral for narrations
Energetic,fun and gracious for commercials
Clear and pleasant for presentations
Very,very Flexible and personable for cartoons
Great notion of time, sexy and creative for videogames.


i´m an actress and started working with voiceover in 2005.


I started as "Huckleberry Finn" a very particular boy from Missisipi.
I´ve done a friendly ghost "Casper", a japonese special girl that turn into a grown up, Minky Momo, and a lot of other cartoon series like Jacob two two (bufurd and Sourpickle), Transformers (all female characters), Petit Nicolas ( Nicolas and Grandmother), Super Why,(all female extras)It´s a joy to do this characters because anything can happen!
I had done video games like Invizimals and Mod Nation Racers, also participate in commercials for radio and Tv for Multiopticas,Calgon and Depuralina, Worten, Silit Bang...
In many Lisbon studios i work often in documentaries, cartoons and real image, and i also have experience doing de casting direction.


-Workshop activities
-Voiceover and Casting Direction
-Artistic director of ARTErra- rural artistic residency