Max Jeffers

Miembro desde 1 año
"Deep, smooth, sexy."
Max Jeffers

Having worked professionally as a live sound mixer for the last 7 years in corporate, rock and roll, and film productions I bring a unique skill set to voice-over work. I understand the need for expediency and professionalism but still strive to include that creative edge, the X factor, in every project I work on. If it isn't fun, it probably isn't working. Everyone should walk away with what they wanted and smile on their face at the end of each project.

Acting in plays and singing in musicals during high school got my voice ready for a vocal performance focus in college and, as did two seasons of regional church tours in the madrigal choir as a Bass II. I made it to the National Honors choir after recording my own audition in an old Virginia Church. I did such a great job with the recordings that two alto's from my school made it in as well. Maybe it was our vocal talent, but I always thought it was the stereo room mics and the church reverb.

Berklee College of Music kept me there for two years learning the fundamentals of Voice and Music Theory until I started playing in bands around Boston. Singing way too loud and rocking out at underground clubs in punk rock bands got a little repetative and, after two more years, I re-enlisted for the newly conceived degree program in Sound Design and Electronic Production where I studied under Dr. Richard Boulanger. I started writing and recording original compositions, hacking together circuit bent synthesizers and got my ProTools mixing and editing chops up to speed.

After graduations I decided to go back on the road and pursue a career in live music. I've got two full albums of original, BMI-published, music under my belt and I've been to every state except Alaska. I love talking, telling stories in the van, and absorbing and then imitating the local accent. I talk a lot as you can probably tell if you're still reading this, so vocal fatigue isn't usually a problem. Until it is. And that's what tea is for.

I put a band together in Texas and toured every spring and fall for 5 years as the lead singer/songwriter/manager. Western Star published two albums through Saustex Records with the legendary guitar slinger Ken Bethea (Old 97's) producing our first and Jay Robbins (Jawbox/Burning Airlines) engineering and producing our second. We called an indefinite hiatus last year after two members decided to settle down and take a break from life on the road. I have been pursuing pro-audio endeavors including film work, live sound, and now am currently exploring VO work. I'm also writing and recording at my home studio as the live-music and film world are completely shut down. Hoping to utilize my smooth and deep voice to sooth the world into a more peaceful state.


Graduated Class of 2012 at Berklee College of Music in Boston where I studied Vocal Perfomance and left with a BA in Sound Design and Electronic Production.

At 15 years old I landed my first job as an On-Air talent and board-op for the local AM radio station. In the middle of recording promo spots for my high school's production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast the lead radio host at the station burst in mid take offered me a job on the spot. I was cast as the Beast of course and it was the low growl that caught his attention. That station was where I first learned to edit, use the gear, get up early, stay up late, and be on time!


My experience includes many live VoGs in the event's industry here in Washington D.C. I once welcomed Ken Burns to the stage at the Library of Congress. That was the coolest.

I've done a bunch of audition demos at Voice123 and an innumerable amount of on-air PSA's and weather reports for 550 WSVA. But that was a long time land...called high school.


I can sing, play guitar, and produce jingles. My keyboard and virtual instrument skills are adequate for most corporate productions. Vocal recording, editing, and sound design are my strong points. I can provide masters of finished projects.