Mauro Ferreri

Mauro Ferreri

Miembro desde 1 década •
"Spot, documentari, audiolibri, caratteri..."

I can perform, warm voice, for narrations or other, young for dynamic commercials, comics, professional, cartoons, some italian dialects like sicilian, sardinian, tuscanian, and others. My voice was used for audio guide where necessary. Use it for your job and enjoy :-)
My portfolio at mfmultimedia(dot)com


After years of job through commercial radios, recording studios, theatre e dubbing, the time was right to develop my creativity/fantasy.

My voice useful for commercials, audiobook (top ten in iTunes Italy) I love cartoons, (characters) editorials, audio for companies..


Some of my job:
- Henkel
- Hewlett Packard
- Schwarzkopf
- La7, Mediaset, Rai, Cartoon Network
- Paper mate replay (demo TV)
- Serist
- Swissgas (Swiss television)
- some commercial televisions like 7Gold - Antenna 3
- Regione Sicilia
- Play house Disney live (Napoli)
- Audiobooks (Il mostro di Firenze, Il caso Orlandi, Storie di Surf, etc.)


Amo caratterizzare personaggi, creare voci, talvolta anche cantare nei jingle. Mi piace molto spaziare tra i vari dialetti italiani, come il genovese, sardo, siciliano, fiorentino. Mi piacciono i racconti ;-)