Matthew Porter

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"A Smart, Witty, Character, Baritone, Funny = Me. Let's do this!"
Matthew Porter

Warm, deep, intelligent, sexy, flirty, fun, character, smooth, professional, rich, lively, mellow, excited, tense, confident, triumphant, mournful, nasal, exuberant... Basically, you give me and idea what you want, and I'll meet that need. I have a French speaking background in my past and have multiple UK, Euro, and North American Dialects in my repertoire. In terms of impressions, I'm pretty good learning voices, intonations, and speech patterns, be it a celebrity or just joking around with my friends. I've done cartoons on Cartoon Network. I've done Shakespeare's plays in London. I studied Musical Theatre at NYU and have a pretty hearty vocal range. My day job is working with the great American actor Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock and other various projects. I've been with him in upwards of 4 years and have learned timing and nuance from one of the greatest of all time. I'm a recurring character on the TV show 30 Rock and have also done lots of animation work for Cartoon Network. Currently, I'm the new spokesperson face and voice for Dish Networks. What I'm basically saying is that if you tell me your voice over job needs, I'll craft a professional polished voice over recording to your likeness. Let's work together.


New York University and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Thankfully, I studied promos under Aaron May and commercials under Marla Kirban here in New York. Every audition and job is a learning opportunity in my book, so I've got a wealth of experience that keeps building.


I won a Silver Telly Award for my work with Dish Network and their "Hoptown" campaign. I have done several projects with Busch Beer that I'd be happy to share with you. CBS Sports just used me in their primetime The NFL Today Show. I've had cartoons run on Cartoon Network. I've done radio drama. I've done video games and recently have my work featured on several apps in the Apple and Android stores (Mr Potato Head, Chutes & Ladders, etc.) I've done explainer videos for corporations and financial institutions. I've also done quick hit jobs like IVR and phone systems. Whatever you got, I can do it! :)


Improvisation is a helpful tool sometimes if the copywriter isn't happy with what they have down on paper. A lot of times, with my performances, they'll enhance copy to better suit their needs. The revisions take me mere moments to do. I'm pretty smart and thorough and strive to do the best job I can to the satisfaction of the client.