Matt Silver

Matt Silver

Miembro desde 2 años •
"The Silver Tongue. The Voice that Gives you Gold."

Matt transitioned from his career as a lawyer to reading copy for universities, technology brands, sports, outdoors, and athleisure brands, and video game and animation studios. Matt brings the intellect and business-savvy of a corporate lawyer, and the creativity and empathy of a lifelong stage and screen actor. Always reliable, always on-time, and always looking to build lasting relationships with his clients.

Professional Home Studio with:
- Source Connect Standard
- Synco D-2
- Neumann TLM-103
- Rode NT-1
- Scarlett Focusrite 2i2
- Macbook Pro
- Adobe Audition


Trained with various coaches:
- Universal Voice Talent (Terry Daniel, Trish Basanyi, Rob Marley)
- Donna Grillo
- Marc Graue
- Roger Becker
- Andy Roth
- Paul Liberti
- Rick Zieff
- Brandon Hunter
- Darren Dunstan

Endless practice and research through Gravy for the Brain, YouTube, ACX, CastingCallClub, every VO Facebook Group, and Clubhouse.


Represented by CESD in NY, Vox in LA, and TaDa! Voiceworks in Toronto. Booked two audiobooks the first week as a professional Voice Artist. The voice of the University of Massachusetts.


Lawyer. Improvisor. Stand-Up Comic. Copy Writer. Audio Editor.