Matt Porter

Matt Porter

Miembro desde 6 años
"Warm, charming, confident"

Warm, charming and confident. Matt is able to bring life to projects ranging from upbeat commercials, professional instructional videos, sombre charity work, smooth narrations and more! If you are looking for a high quality, believable voice over for your project, Matt will deliver with efficiency and professionalism every time.

Matt’s voice has been described as warm, charming, confident, friendly, believable, conversational, intelligent, velvety, smooth, authoritative, professional, informative, sophisticated, relatable, guy next door, attractive, deep, knowledgeable, calm, trustworthy, natural, soothing, inviting, sincere, corporate, educational, everyman, engaging, fresh, energetic, enthusiastic, uplifting, masculine, easygoing, reassuring, professorial, laid back, technical, storyteller. Matt is cast for a range of vocal ages including Young Adult, Millennial, Generation X and Middle Age. The dialects Matt is cast for include RP, Estuary and Standard British with Matt being able to add more of an urban/hip or posh/proper tone to his reads should the need arise. His deep voice lends itself especially well to warm, smooth, cool reads, such as documentaries, though he is equally capable of performing fun, exciting commercial reads.

Matt takes pride in his efficiency and ability to work with the client to ensure the finished voice over is perfect for their needs. He is generally able to start work on a project right away and will work on it to completion, giving the project the care and attention it needs to sound great. Matt is a voice artist you can trust to provide an outstanding voice over for any project.

Matt doesn’t just provide a great performance with his voice overs. His custom built vocal booth provides a super quiet recording space and his Rode NT1 microphone ensures a clear, crisp sound. This professional setup means clients never have to worry about sound quality when working with Matt. Matt is also able to connect to a client via Skype, Source Connect or Phone Patch, should they require a directed session.


I have had extensive 1-2-1 voiceover training with The Showreel


Documentary - Egyptian Booth - 2019
Commercial - 'In Every Season' - Album promotion - 2019
Commercial - 'Orbital' at the Belasco Theater, Los Angeles - 2018


All audio can be cleaned of any breaths, clicks and pops.