Mark Bernard

Mark Bernard

Miembro desde 4 años •
"Strong, Classy and Smooth"

My commitment and feelings towards the work show through my voice and my voice transmits my emotion. This is essential towards projects as I feel that the Voice Actor is the transmitter for getting the message across . to the audience.
When working on projects I am focused , committed and hard working.
My attitude to learning is always a priority as my teaching experience often focused on CPD in the past as a way of keeping up to date with modern technology.
My ability to connect with people both through my voice and in person is something that I have pursued through the years, from running children's projects to teaching in schools , to my professional acting.


My training as a Voiceover Artiste is varied. I began my Degree in Drama at Roehampton University and majored in Drama where we were involved in a number of Television and Radio Projects in the University in-house studio.
I furthered my training at Guildford School of Acting where I trained in all aspects of drama. We also received daily voice training and took part in radio projects.
Further training was received at the Actors Centre and Spotlight. I also took part in various CPD programs with;

The Voiceover Network- Various workshops, Above and Bevond (Weekend Residential), Workshops(Ellie Ray Hennersey, Jenifer Trujullo(Disney)
Kickstart-Guy Michaels, (The Business of Voiceover)


I always beleive charity and helping others is important, my first job was many years ago with

Voiceover Newspaper Reader Camden Gazette Magazine for the blind, Camden

Sir Nigel Thighgood Thighclimbers(Videogame) Matt Bernbaum

Radio Presenter Kings Of Britain Mike Spence


I have received professional vocal training and performed professionally in numerous professional productions,
I receive regular vocal coaching from my singing and voice coach Rachel Lynes.